Cultural dance serenade Pres. Buhari as he returns to #Nigeria🇳🇬 from #London

Baba be Back...

The President of the federal republic of Nigeria received a warm welcome (not sure why), after he spent some time in London, United Kingdom. Coming back to his country and getting a warm welcome is something we (by We, I mean me) will appreciate at one time or the other. Why can’t I get a musical group dance from various Nigerian cultures welcome me back to work when I make it back to work after my annual leave.

After the President was accused of belittling the office of the Vice president who was suppose to take officer affairs whole he was aware, but instead a document was taken to him all the way in London to be signed while on his private visit, while the VP was left without a responsibility.

This week, a video surfaced, showing an angry group of Nigerians in London protesting the President’s unimpressive visit to London while the country was left in no one’s care. With everything left in a horrible condition, the group of Nigerian protesters asked him to go back home and fix the country like he promised during his campaign. And now he is back in Nigeria with these cultural groups welcoming him home. 🙄

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