Cobhams #Asuquo ‘s wife reveals their son was born #blind


Then temptation that the world throws at you will always be a block to build your strength through this life of give and take. Blind Nigerian singer who by far gives out one of the most creative piece of moral music Cobhams Asuquo, has had his wife Ojuolape Asuquo (or not), reveal that their son who was born n not long ago, was actually born blind. Though since revealing the news to Nigerians months ago, the sympathy poured to the family has been overwhelming as Nigerians are wondering why that particular history had to repeat itself.

While Cobhams was said to have been born blind, his wife felt it was an intense temptation when she gave birth to a blind child. She made the revelation in vlog in YouTube known as the Tito Idakula’s vlog title was titled “My Jesus Experience”

In the interview which is available on the Vlog’s YouTube channel, Mrs Asuquo said that she had a smooth pregnancy and fast labour. However, four months after birth, her doctor dropped the words, “He is not following” during a visit to the clinic.

“That is his eyes are not following. I was like, ‘what do you mean, he’s not following?’ You know, suddenly as a mother, your heart just starts palpitating. He (doctor) is actually my gynaecologist. I went to see him. He was so distracted from what he and I were talking about,” Mrs Asuquo said.

“He was like, ‘How old is he?’ I told him. He’s not following. The concern on his face gave me concerned too. So, he sends me off to a paediatrician,” she added.

Mrs Asuquo revealed that the visit to the doctor’s place led to a series of tests, both in Nigeria and abroad and it was confirmed that “My son couldn’t see.” The Asuquos got married in 2010. Which made this year the 9th year of their union. She is definitely stronger than she looks, and the good Lord is not one to give you more than you can handle. So she is indeed a strong woman .

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