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#Chile #protesters set police officers on fire after throwing a molotov cocktail at them


You guys should not forget that underneath all the fame, wealth, uniform, religion, culture and political affiliations we are all just human beings. In your anger against the government you suddenly begin to lash out of the people who the governement is using to hide themselves. Why will a normal person throw a fire cock tail at the police women on duty. Do you think every police officer sent out during a protest or some other incident, did it happily or voluntarily? You have no idea how much those guys have to endure when ordered to. If you don’t want fire thrown at you or your loved one why are then suddenly finding it OK to throw it at another person’s loved one? These are simple question to be honest.


from @time – Police assist two officers who caught fire after a molotov cocktail was thrown during a #protest in Santiago, #Chile, on Nov. 4. Originally triggered by a 4% subway fare hike, Chile’s demonstrations quickly became a wide-ranging rejection of government policy, which protesters say has created unsustainable costs of living and one of the worst rates of #inequality in Latin America, the Associated Press reports. At least 20 people have died during the unrest; a U.N. #humanrights mission is investigating allegations of police brutality. (This caption has been updated to include more details about why the protests have swelled.) Photograph by @estebanfelix.foto—@apnews

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