30 years later #Comingtoamerica star #vanessabellcalloway shows off how much black don't crack | Oby Oriji Blog

30 years later #Comingtoamerica star #vanessabellcalloway shows off how much black don’t crack


You would think both pictures are just a few years between them, not knowing thag they have 3 decade inbetween. A blessing of the blacks that even them dont know how far it runs. A whole balcnesa thag is a blessing to the people of the race.

30 years ago, a very beautiful black movie channeled its inner royalty and many backs lived it evne more than they should. This movie gave the ever best picture of the African culture. This movie however might have exaggerated the actual reality of the black royalty and many Africans and even Americans used the idea in defrauding so many people of this world, and many have the impression that a very high number of those people who did the defrauding are Nigerians. It is awkward to talk about this and many Nigerians have that same feeling. It ruined the very possibility of so many Nigerians and is still ruining them.

Just like everyother Country people in the world, there are the good and there are the bad ones. Take a reaksnanly long look at this picture and say it with me “Black don’t crack”.

from @vanessabellcalloway – #Repost @phatgurlblogs_ with @get_repost Look what I found. Nothing like a good wig @elijahcohen33 and a great makeup artist @paintedbyjeremy to make you feel great at any age 😘😘😘😘

・・・There’s a 30 year difference between the two pictures….. black DONT crack especially when you take care of it! #vanessabellcalloway #pgb

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