24 year old #YouTube burn survivor #shalomblac buys her first home | Oby Oriji Blog

24 year old #YouTube burn survivor #shalomblac buys her first home


Nigerian burn survivor who has been very ambitious and none relenting in the pursuit of her dreams, Shalom Blac has just like everyother YouTuber, bought her first home int he US. While. Creating awareness and combining it with her love for makeup and beauty on YouTube, Shalom has been uplifted from Poverty to wealth by YouTube (which is a normal thing amongst you tubers), shalom has joined her colleagues in stepping up her game. Congratulations girl. Your love for growth is very contagious and incredibly inspiring, and that confidence you exhume is admirable .

from @shalomblac – Today is my F-ing BIRTHDAY! Feeling blessed and excited to share with you all one of my proudest moments, It’s still so surreal to me.

I’ve been discouraged and laughed at because I chose not to further my education after high school, I remember a close family friend telling me If I’m not doing Oprah’s makeup I will never be shit! Yup! Just like that. I worked hard, exploited the resources given to me, and some doubt along the way, but I have grown to appreciate the good and bad choices I made, for it has shaped me to this date. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be purchasing my house at 24. Today, I want to share with you my joy, my achievement, and my reward to myself; I am officially the owner of this beautiful HOME. Empty house tour is up now 🤗

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