#Sexforgrade : University Lecturers get in formation as journalist #Kikimordi reveals there were more lectures caught on tape

Stop whatever you are doing and let us appreciate the patience and timing skills this journalist #Kikimordi has. Just a day after bigbrither ended, she dropped her findings on university lecturers and their sexual victimization of female students who have been crying out for the longest time.

The simple act of lacking self control is something that has turned the country upside down since big Brother ended in the last 48 hours. Now she is revealing that there are more names and people on her hidden camera revelation after undercover journalists were sent in to be victimized by these men, just to make them get caught red handed. This is bringing out all sort of reaction from Nigerians. People are getting to see their fathers, uncles, friends, relatives, Pastor, family friends etc.

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