#Sexforgrade: #BBC decides when the 99th day for sexually abusive Lecturers in Unilag and Ghana

#disgracefully lecturer

While we are not surprised that something of this sort is clearly happening in the universities, we are however happy to know that due to so many reports on the issue, BBC thought it wise to investigate this rubbish. Lectures/four square Pastor from Unilag and another lecturer from ghana, have both been disgraced by their potential victims who happen to BBC undercover females who were deliberately placed in these lecturers’ pathway to cat them red-handed. Seems the world of females who attended Unilag have been a victim once or twice to these very bold lectureres who even go as far as gaining people’s trust by hiding under the “Pastor” unberella, just to have sex with them for some exchange of sex with food.

Via: Instablog 

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