Reason you should read legal documents sitting on the toilet.

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Have you ever had a read a legal case, an investment or even just reading to through a legal document for the mere sake of understanding for yourself, your friend or even a family member who needs a break down for an easier message relay, then you will have no problem stating that you came across words or phrases too hard for you to comprehend at the every point, then this goes to show that you need to be in a Serene place since it is the document that you are not Conversant with, that will encourage your concentration while equally enable your sleepiness, which is a contradiction to the very reason for sitting in the toilet in the didst place. Reason being that the toilet is a place where we are most relaxed in our daily basis, because that is where most of our instagram cidoez(funny or not), and watched. We are on a total peace with ourselves when here, and for that, we tend to have the “All is well” mindset when we are in the toilet.

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So for a legal document, being one of the the most difficult documents to enjoy reading, will require a great deal of attention and interest to atleast  get what the message is trying to say. Known to always hide a huge meaning in a phrase, legal documents are by far the most thought provoking read. Now these two places will go hand in hand and end up on a good note for their reader.

I sat on the toilet just four days ago and read through a legal document that was coming from a good place. I remember trying to just rush through the document (which is highly not advisable) and realise that with everyone talking to me, and something things  needing my attention in between the short read, I realized that I was reading one line atleast 5times and not making any sense of what I was reading, until I made it to the toilet, sag down there and ready the shit out of that document. So when next you find yourself in that similar situation, do well to go straight to the toilet, or perhaps have a lawyer explain in details for your understanding. Why do you stress your self when you can just pay someone to read and understand then explain to you in a lame man’s language.

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