Rapper #TI shares the disturbing letter a couple wrote to a black Athlete concerning his #dreadlocks


Can you imagine getting a message from a supposed fan and it turns out to be this disturbing. The  audacity some people possess is something amazing. So you sat down a dn write this letter to a person to read? Wow.. The guts…


Reposted from @troubleman31  – Dear Dave Petersen… FUCK U VERY MUCH ‼️ The AUDACITY🤨🤯😳‼️&Jonathan bro I don’t know you or how you look. But listen King… U BETTER NOT BE persuaded to adjust your look due to this ignorant bigots LACK OF perspective ‼️ Dreadlocks are just as much a part of YOUR history/heritage as Rape & molestation is a part of Penn State’s… & IF YOU EVER run into ANYTHING you can’t handle from the city,staff & alumni… DONT HESITATE TO HIT ME‼️ #USorELSE✊🏽👑 – #regrann

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