#India: To prevent Exam Malpractice, School makes students wear perforated cartons during exams

Examination Malpractice

We believe schools were always doing their best to prevent exam malpractice but apparently they weren’t doing enough to the stop it. This is what doing your best looks like. Who would have thought this would look so possible? Only getting a few cartons enough to go around and have them put it on. I wonder if head sizes were considered before the cartons were handed out.

According to the beautiful educational news Indian school located at Haveri in Karnataka is in hot water for making students wear corrugated box to stop them from cheating during exams.

On October 16, students of the Bhagat PU College were handed specially modified cartons to cover their heads. .

The cartons were the school’s solution to prevent examination malpractice. However, Deputy Director of Pre-University Education, S.C. Peerzade, visited the college to stop the practice after he was notified.

I seriously don’t see anything wrong in that act. Not like the school had them wear it without the cut outs. The school shouldn’t be call out for that. I think it is the samething that has been the source of man peoples problems that has befallen them. If this school simply did this on a low without all those photos being taken and they had their students have their exams and finish their exams peacefully, then we would have not been seeing this act in n this view. Just saying.

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