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#Gretathunberg Visits the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre in Tadoussac, Québec


The Climate change hero is still in and running for the course. The teenager is saying it like it is, and she is gaining access to every part of the world to push for the climate change awareness that she is so passionate about.

Right in this, she was see visiting the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre in Québec, watching whales. She is doing just wnat she what’s and the good part of it all is that she is very good at what she does. Holding/joining each country every Friday for their climate change awareness protests. You go girl.

Reposted from @gretathunberg (@get_regrann) – Visiting the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre in beautiful Tadoussac, Québec, and watching whales – especially belugas! Thank you for your hospitality and the work you do! – #regrann

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