Fans relieved as #LiamHemsworth is seen in public with a new girl


Following the Miley Split from Liam Hemsworth, many have tried to stay away from the event, but are low key hoping Liam is trying enough to move on, as Miley is been in 2 and counting relationships since the news broke. And now that the Liam has been seen with a new girl, for some reaosn everyone is happy for that development.

According to the beautifully agile news blogs from US, Liam was seen with the actress from Dynasty star Maddison Brown and they were so loved up it was literally the cutest thing to see. The two love birds were spotted giving the world a show as expected.

While many are happy for him, others are putting into deep consideration the amount of love he has had for Miley for the last 10 years, are they are thinking this might not just be a real love, but maybe a revenge plot for Miley since she has had no restrain in displaying all the dates she has been going on.

While they over look the clear fact thag you can never know all this until it eventually comes to an early end, Liam is for now having the time of his life.

While Miley has been the one known to go in a rapid date and sexy body show offs when she is away from Liam due tk breakups, it is however not clear if it is the exact thing happening to Liam right now.

They are both hooked to their new spouses and who are we to complain about that?

The rumored couple was spotted sharing some serious PDA in NYC. 🔥 (📸: The Image Direct)


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