#F1 Advice: After becoming a target #LewisHamilton advises fans to ignore people’s false perception of them


People find it so much relieving to sya things about others (I’m guilty too) but we need to undestand the impact it just might have on us all. Can you take what you give out? Can you absorb It as much as you let it out? I for one have been working on taking it as much as I give it, and if I’m being honest, it is not such a pleasant process.

Seems someone has said something unpleasant about Lewis. The F1 star is blowing how in his Instagram story and he explained that he has been recently made a target of false perception form people who have issues with him. The British star is using the time to equally advise his fans on how to handle this same issue if they found themselves being in the recipient end and being made a target of FG alse rumours. He wrote:

Worry about your character, not your reputation.yout character is who you are, your reputation is who people thing you are. 

Don’t worry about what people think of you. What matters is what you think of yourself first and foremost.”

I’m sure many of your have experienced people who you have allowed in your circle and into your life talking negatively, starting rumours, saying the worst things about you. Don’t let it get to you. It is not your problem it is theirs. I’ve experienced that of recent and I just wanted you to know that it can’t and won’t stop me, and it shouldn’t stop you neither. Continue to be you, let your character shine and continue to focus on your growth. That person whoever it is, is only projecting their unhappiness of themselves. You will begin to spot the real friends from the fake, those who firstly don’t stand up for you when you are disrespected in front of others, those who change when around you. It’s their loss, don’t sweat it. You’re going to be just fine. Just keep the real ones close because they will be there always.”

We may never know who backstabbed or hurt Lewis this much that has  made it this neccessary to speak out and encourage fans in the process, but that person sure went far with it.

But for what it is worth, what he said has reached the targetted audience, and they have taken it to heart. Cos it felt like he Was talking to me.

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