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And Another one: #Lion escapes from Kano #Zoological garden


I don’t speak lion, but I have an idea that as a human, if you are in a place that you are not treated with the respect and and appreciation thag you long for, especially lacking something as simple as  comfort, then your very next plan is to exit that place by executing an escape plan. Often times we hide when we read news like these, of wild animals in captivity escaping and making it into the society.

If these wild animals were receiving the right amount of meals and care they were promised, then most won’t being escaping, and we humans won’t be as scared as we are when they escape.

This is because a hungry lion will always fight to make it out of captivity so as to hunt for their meals, Since survival instinct kicks when they are about to die from hunger. A lion cannot sit there and die from hunger when they have other options. Tearing down their barricade and go hunting is a very normal thing to expect in this situation.

If is it well fed and catered for, then you will have it sleeping, breeding and just having a time of its life in captivity. Every year in Nigeria this news will always be the main topic. Wold animals escaping to be is the best thing. I hope no one gets attacked by it, but I equally hope it doesn’t get found, because you can only properly  look after an animal in your care when you have first of all looked after yourself. A hungry man can’t feed any hungry lion.

With the soaring rate of hunger and poverty in the land, it is only normal that these animals are left to go take care of themselves alike the good Lord intended.

The fright got fast and deep into Kano residents on Saturday when they were informed of the escape from a zoological garden of a lion. Punchnews reported that the news happened at about 9:00pm when the lion was being put back into its cage after they returned national agricultural show in Nassarawa state.

A source at the zoological garden told NAN that effort was being made to recapture the animal which was still within the zoo premises. We hope and pray that it isn’t still in the premises.  Cos to be honest these animals are not treated well. All these zoos need to be checked regularly by an authority.

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