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Osun to sack 422 workers over forged certificates



The Osun State Government has directed its ministries, departments and agencies to immediately implement the report of the panel that recommended sacking of the workers who secured employment with forged certificates.


The Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress in the state,  Jacob Adekomi,  confirmed that 422 workers would be affected.


He said the NLC’s intervention helped to reduce the number of those listed for the exit door from 5,000 recommended to 422.


The statement read, “The panel submitted its report and it was adopted for implementation by the immediate past administration. “However, when the new administration came on board in November 2018, the leadership of  Organised Labour Movement in the state appealed passionately to the state government to have a rethink on the implementation of the report.”

Via: Punchnewpaper

If this number of people in one state are said to have used a forged certificate to gain an employment in the government sector, then I can only imagine how many more have not yet been caught, and then I equally imagine how many other actually have a proper certificate.

Why are they just finding out at this time? How long have these guys been using this said certificates and pointing to others who has lesser qualifications at events  and meetings. This is a disturbing turn of events. Many will say that the President is also in the same category, but I’m not many.

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