South African bishops knock Ramaphosa over attacks on Nigerians, others


Catholic Bishops in South Africa have dismissed claims by the South African government that the attacks on Nigerians and other foreigners in the former apartheid nation were not xenophobic as incorrect.


This was contained in a  statement by Archbishop Buti Tlhagale of the Southern African Catholic Bishop’s Conference Office for Migrants and Refugees on Saturday.


Tlhagale said they were not happy with the attack on foreign nationals in South Africa. “Let us be absolutely clear – this is not an attempt by concerned South Africans to rid our cities of drug dealers. And this is not the work of a few criminal elements. It is xenophobia, plain and simple. If it was about drugs, why are South African drug dealers not being targeted as well? Are we really to believe that there are none? And why are drug addicts who rob people in our city centres to get money to buy drugs not being targeted? If it is the work of a few criminal elements, why are South African-owned businesses not being looted as well?”

this is known as a selective anger, a selective protest and a damn right selective pointing to the false cause of your problem. Laziness, poverty and gullibility is always Going to be a big problem. Dig deep South Africa, you know the truth.

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