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Girls, ladies, give your lives to Christ and not your pastors! (IV)


One thing is clear, it isn’t ever over emphasized to state this fact. The fact that many people allow the thin line between loving God and loving your pastor inappropriately to be erased completely. People who are very sane and with the best sense of judgement are seen doing the most when it comes to pleasing their pastor. They are so dependent on pastor that they go as far as letting hind evide when they take their breathe.

You might consider it very over emphasized and unnecessary to be saying this, but to be honest, not in Nigeria will this topic ever be considered unnecessary. So this woman is taking out time to restate the fact once again from an interview done with punchnews..

I didn’t say no pastor can be trusted, what I meant was that it is unhealthy for a girl/lady to go on an exclusive prayer retreat with any man of God! I’d repeat that point for clarity sir.


Don’t follow your father-in-the-Lord to an exclusive prayer retreat specially organised for you alone!

It could be a bait to lodge you in the same hotel room with him and have carnal knowledge of you! Countless women and girls have fallen into this evil trap by satanic men and till today they can’t confide in the people closest to them least of all the world, because most people won’t believe them!


Worse still, a lot of them can’t get the pigs off their heads yet they’ve moved on to laying almost half the women in their church! Please…please…please…Don’t be too close to any man-of-God in this wise! No one can be trusted!”

Taken from Punchnews..

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