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Brazil to reject the £16m offered by world leaders to help tackle the Amazon wildfires #amazon #climatechange


Contrary to what the world may have thought, Brazil is not infact going to desperately and freely accepted the money you all have contributed to help then save the Amazon from further incineration by wildfire. 

The Country thoughtful and considerate along side preserving  enough to be housing the world’s largest vegetation is faces with one of the most horrific event of their lives and they are rejecting H elp from the eodld intackling it? That’s true people, Brazil has expressed its intent to reject the £16m offered by world leaders to help tackle the wildfires engulfing the Amazon, claiming it should be spent on reforesting Europe rather than ‘colonialist practises’. The aid was agreed during emergency climate talks at the G7 summit over the weekend in a session that was skipped by Donald Trump.

Environmental groups dismissed the sum – equivalent to just £2.3m per G7 country – as ‘chump change’ that failed to address the causes of the fires.

Satellite data has recorded more than 41,000 fires in the Amazon region so far this year – more than half of those happened this month alone. So the Area being under such scrutiny by both the good and the bad, is now being suggested by its owners, to be replicated in one of the other sides of the world.

This is because the world needs balance between the poison and filters and this clearly can no longer be a task left only for the weakened and exhausted Amazon. Even though some believe that the fire was not entirely a natural disaster, as the region is trying to send a message across to the world. We have heard thag message and we will do our best. For the 3rd world countries, our natural environment is still intact, unlike the G7 Countries. #justsaying

Via: Guardian

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