Beyoncé’s Dad digs up a controversial topic about first ladies of the USA


Just incase President Trump drops by this post to read it, then this is for him. “Hiii Mr Presidenttttt” .. OK the rest of us who are ordinary black, white, Hispanic and charokee, you are welcome again here, my readers from Countries I never thought existed, you guys blow me away with your consistency. So straight to the topic:

Beyoncé’s father and former Tina’s husband  Mr Mathew Knowles has dug deep into his achaive to regurgitate a very controversial topic centered around the body parts of first ladies of the US.

The black gold herself and the current one, have been brought to comparison from a previous issue. The father of three has called the US people out in their deep level of hypocrisy as he remembered when Michelle Obama was called out for showing too much skin in the hand, while the current first Lady Melania posed proudly in a bikini with a gun. Both hot women in different outfits no doubts, but if you are going to call one out, then don’t pretend you can’t see the other. And if you don’t want to call out one of them, then don’t call out anyone at all.

Credit to from @mrmathewknowles – Oh the hypocrisy of it all! Remember when they made a big deal about Michelle Obama’s bare arms?! And yet it’s ok for Melania Trump to pose in a bikini with a gun?! I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🗣Sound off in the comments!

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