Will Smith takes a jab at Jada Pinkett for being so short in daughter Willow’s Arms.


The Smith are definitely having a swell time this week, from Jaden turning 21 and having his little birthday party in his parent’s  house, to the mom and dad taking a sweet journey down memory lane after their little first born child officially turns 21.

The beauty in a union could come from various angles, but I strongly believe that the one of the Smiths, comes from a place so pure they understand each other.

With Jada and willow hugging  emotionally from Jaden turn 21, William Smith decided to make this smile as he cracked a joke about Jada beige so short in teenage daughter’s hands .Willow who now looks like her mother’s mum, laughed at her dad’s joke along side her mother who really and trully was looking so small while they hugged.


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