Nigerian women hold protest against a serial child rapist about to leave prison in Abuja | Oby Oriji Blog
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Nigerian women hold protest against a serial child rapist about to leave prison in Abuja



Reposted from @uchejombo – Sometimes we disconnect from current issues because we feel powerless to truly help but recent social media events have made it clear to us how powerful our collective voices are.
this case has dragged far too long (2016)
IDRIS EBILOMA deserves capital punishment
a little girl need our help in making sure her rapist gets that.

Tomorrow is the final court day till judgement…. let’s make sure they know we are ALL watching and waiting for
#justiceforkhole – #obyorijiblog

Reposted from @uchejombo – Another picture of child rapist IDRIS EBILOMA who raped a then 4years old Khole, he’s been in kuje prison. This Friday he may be released and that’s a big NO.
Friday 5th July at The APO high court,
We say #justiceforkhole
The goal is to keep him in jail
….. justice isn’t served by merely “speaking out”
Our justice system needs to be strengthened.
( #justiceforkhole and ALL pending rape cases)
If you want to belittle the trauma caused by rape or have some degrading thing to say about a victim’s story not adding up for you please go to your page to do that, its sickening you think
That one story got more attention means the other is not as important.
Rape is just a sensitive issue.
we have a long way to go fighting rape culture in Nigeria
social media is free / open platform.
you can’t tell anybody what they choose to do with their page or voice
If someone choose to be outraged over one issue more than another, it’s his or her right , platform and choice. “Oh why fight for this and not that 🤦🏾‍♀️” ( people who say this don’t care about any form of injustice)
They only care to point fingers and ridicule the efforts of others while they themselves do nothing.

#Busoladakolo has opened the floor for girls/boys/women and Men scared Of stigmatisation to speak up with assurance of support …may be NOW we can collectively seek more convictions with serious sentence.
in this case help keep IDRIS EBILOMA in jail. – #obyorijiblog

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