Breaking: Twitter takes a break for users to get their priorities right


With Twitter just returning minutes ago, a shut down that has taken its obsessive users by surprise, while they wonder what else life holds for them in this big old world called earth.

While a significant boredom has occurred to an offline botton staff in the twitter office at Boston Massachussetts ( I don’t think  that is where the twitter office is), leaving the obsessive fans in a state of livelessness.

Those who were too obesseased were the first to notice the problem, but it show opened the eyes of some people to see that their cats have lice, and that their flowers pots were full of grasses.

With Twitter not given enough time for all these to be fixed by its fans before it returned,  I’m wondering why the head even rushed to get it back on. Could they head have been hacked?

Some people cleaned their toilet, became ” worker of the month “, all because they had no twitter to distract them. Some made babies,while  others just did some things not worth mentoning whenever you don’t have a Marley attire on.

So what did you do when twitter was down? You watched the #bigbrothernaija  housemates while they chilled. You cooked?  You worked out? You called your significant other or even your parents? Did you master your ‘man to hand relations’.

Chrissy Teigen a mother of two, and wife to John legend,,was one of the people who made the heartbrwaking discovery.

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