Womb Watchers association officially declares Simi pregnant using her own lyrics.


There is a saying that goes that the womb Watchers association of Nigeria are sometimes always almost right with pregnancy prediction called “womb watching” .

While Simi was almost immediately after her pregnancy was pointed to as being pregnant, she was quick to add that to her song, where she stated that many are saying she is pregnant using “Simisola getti Belleville, she no getti belle”.

But just after a few months of singing that, fans have however boldly this time, called out  the singer, telling  her that she is finally pregnant.

With a picture that surely resembles that of a pregnant intentionally Trying to hide her pregnancy.

While most of her comments read that she is finally pregnant in a non surprising way, the most catchy thing here is that she is getting this message in her own lyrics.

It is only just a matter of time, and we will know if these accurate womb watching are exactly right. We have the patience, we can only wait.

But in all sincerity, she looks pregnant and we are here for it. The question is, How sharp a shooter is Adekunle, and how good a goal keeper is Simisola? #goals

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