Foe those of you qgo dont know, it is very typical of Nigerians living in Nigeria to always suspect that someone is after their lives, money and property. But it is even more pronounced in the midst of these politicians who assume that Nigerians are always after them for all the wrongs (hidden and public) they have done.

Like it waa announced by punchnews that the usual right security meant for only the leaders and politicians, were seen yet again at the National Assembly  this morning,  as the nation awaits the proclamation of the ninth Assembly and the election of new presiding officers.

A combination of military personnel, policemen, officers of the Directorate of State Service and the National Security and Civil Defence Corps are on ground to provide adequate security.

This is yet again another depiction of the fear embedded in every Nigerian. They are predicting that the opposition party wasn’t up to no good, the terrorist sects that is said to be sponsored by them, the angry masses and ordinary Nigerian, might come in and attack them.

Other wise why will you simple have the security meant for the entire masses only guiding a few influential, money laundering citizens while the rest of the millions of masses are left to manage a very few number of Police men inadequately. Get a task or two done you guys, no body has the time to come attack tour assembly. Just get the country to a better state of affairs.

Thank you.. 😒😒

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