Sore losers: Nigerians demand a rematch for Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz 


Seems Nigerians couldn’t get through the complete steps of grieve, cos they are stuck on the DENIAL stage. The various expected reactions were given off by friends and fans of 29 year old boxing Champion Joshua Anthony who by the way, reportedly made alot more money than Ruiz in that last match. So you can’t just be sure that he lost. Because making that muche money is not a loss in anyone’s dictionary.

The British born Yoruba Nigerian Anthony Joshua, who lost his IBF, WBA and WBO titles to American Andy Ruiz Jr at the Madison Square Garden, New York, on Saturday has assured his fans that he would be taking back his throne. While he received support from his fans and critics, and even got a batch of mockery from the attention loving 50cents, who has mocked and memed and laughed at the champion.

While many Nigerians expressed misconception as they could understand whg the well trained musvular star, was taken so far down by an Abs-less, non trained, street fighter American Andy.

I’m guessing that life is a better training than gym as Andy has proudly proved.

However, Nigerians have shown the world how much of a sore loser they can be as a nation, as they made it known that  Joshua could fight back but weirdly didn’t. They want a reMarch.

However, Joshua on his verified Twitter handle assured his fans that the defeat won’t distract him. “The vision remains the same! Thank you to everyone who travelled,” he tweeted.

Reacting to his defeat, some Nigerians said they felt bad and shocked.

August Bones @Ausbones said, “I felt sad over Joshua’s loss. He is still my champion and like a phoenix, he shall rise again. As a Nigerian, I associated with him for so long in victory and now in defeat.” “Great winners sometimes lose, Saturday was his turn. I believe he will do better next time,” Emmanuel Enyeribe added.

Nigerians were however divided on whether the match was real, fixed or stage-managed.

Terese Ninga said, “In my area, many people believe that this fight was a scam, that it was a fixed match, preparatory to a bigger rematch.” “To me, I think it is not a match-fixing. He never rated Ruiz. He lost because he was overconfident. Getting a rematch is the shortest route for him to reclaim his titles. I don’t think he planned it this way,” another Nigerian, who identified himself as Samuel added.

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