Cookies Reconciliation: Taylor Swift sends Katy Perry a “Peace at last” plate of cookies.


The world is now in a sunnier side on the “let’s be friends” avenue where it rains colourful rainfall filled with delicious cookies and lots of golden friendship plated lawn where someone has confirmed the possibility of a very easy reconciliation after years hate.

In a very clearer term, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s beef, has been only a very famous one, after both had the unpleasant pleasure of sharing a male genitalia reportedly caused by Katy. The fight went from personal life to business side and took a whole new turn from there onwards.

With a special on #CBSreality, the fight is said to be a very famous one amongst beat friends. But in a dawn of a new day, picture of a plate of cookies was posted by Katy Perry on her instagram handle, where she had the location at “let’s be friends” and a write up on the cookies plate that read, “peace at last” and Katy captioned it ” feels good 🧡 @taylorswift

With this ladies and gentlemen, it is safe to safe that a long lost friendship aha been found. Congratulations to the two bestie. Should Selena Gomez be worried?

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