Clueless Femi Fani Kayode fights dirty with church of satan twitter handle


You know how you just have beef with only one person and in the middle of roasting that person, someone you had forgotten you mentioned in the fight comes up and buys the fight from the other person and let’s you have it in a very genuine way? Well that’s what’s happening to Femi Fani Kayode who was simply calling out former NYPD cop he said was named Linda Fairstein, which was in relation with the central park men who weer said to have been wrongly convicted.

He said she is a racist, a witch and a member of the #churchofsatan. Now instead of simply hash tagging or even just writing out their name, he went ahead to @ at them, and got just what he was looking for. The rest is not history, because it is so funny to read the conversation between them. Take your time to read it below. Picture is from instablog..


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