Reno Omokri yet again showers praises on the Igbos, but this time, for producing the best two UTME candidates of 2019


This is beginning to look like the one and only Reno Omokri is aboit to add the igbos of Nigeria to the list of his favourite people’s list.

The Anti Buhari politician is living his best life while the opposition party is ruling the country. Though publicly and privately unimpressed with the way things are, the fit Reno is out here dishing his Renonuggets to the youths of our land.

Lately he has been showering endless praises to the igbos of Nigeria who have won a special place in his heart. From businesses, to survival from the oppression the rest of the Country has served them, and now down to their book smartness which was shown this year as the best two UTME candidates emerged from the Igbo Land. He made the post on his instagram that read.

Reposted from @renoomokri – At the start of the Fourth Republic in 1999, 3 Igbo states were classified as ‘educationally disadvantaged’. Today, those states have overtaken others and are now Nigeria’s top states educationally.

This year, 15 year old Ekene Ezeunala from the SE scored the highest in UTME with a score of 347. Even the second best is another Igbo from the SE. The Igbo are just like the Jews of whom it was said “the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread; so the Egyptians came to dread the Israelites”-Exodus 1:12. Truly, #IgboABlessingToNigeria – #obyorijiblog

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