Seems Kylie is here to secure the bag as much as required. The youngest billoniare is not here to have mercy on her competitors. She is indeed securing that bag like it is.

In addition to her already blooming cosmetics line that has made her the youngest billoniare at 21 in just three years, she is adding to her it yet another product line as it goes, and only the future can tell what the billionaire will be worth in the future.

Will this abundance affect the way baby Stormi will be raised ? Many are saying Stormi is already worth half a million from her mother’s money.

But u still think showing off so money to Stormi might ruin her smartness and growth. But the again, that was what Kylie grew up with, and drill made more for herself.

Therefore it is safe to say that the money of one can handle her child just fine. While on vacation, she gave 14 months old Stormi her little hermes bag that she had always wanted to give to her daughter.

The little girl rocked the bag with her $80 playsuit. That shows that just because the money is there doesn’t mean that Kylie is about to spend it the way she wants. She still has her smartness decisions and advisers. Congratulations Kylie.

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