My bottom Teeth are wrecked, but I’m never fixing them — Disney’s Dove Cameron


Disney star and teen actress Dove Cameron seems to have displayed more maturity and self confidence many have not been able to. The teenager has shown so much believe in her self Worth and body positivity,  that contrary to what most would think, the star is more inlove with her self than predicted.

Though fingered to have gone under the knife, Miss Cameron when on her instagram page to show her followers the entire look of her bottom teeth, and categorically stating that though it looked wrecked, she didn’t have any intention to fix them.

from @dovecameron – did u know my bottom teeth were this wrecked . i’m never fixing them because they’re fucking CUTE – #obyorijiblog

The star equally celebrated her boyfriend who just turned 24.

from @dovecameron – it’s my best pals 24th birthday ! you’re sitting next to me & we’re eating indian food after a full day of roller coasters and arcades just you & me! we’re so annoying. you just kissed my bare foot.

you’re always doing that. i love you more and more every day and i actually can’t believe it. you’re my whole world. more things like that. you’re the best person to ever live. on and on.

i’ve told you all of this already a million times over the course of nearly 3 years together, but here it is solely for the gram so people don’t ask me if we broke up. happy birthday, kid. don’t go changin (btw on the 2nd to last one he drilled & hung a curtain rod, he didn’t just put a curtain up HAHAHHA ) – #obyorijiblog

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