EX convict turn SARS officer and his colleague, publicly assualt a youngman for refusing to unlock his phone for them.

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These men don’t seem to be taking caution from their colleagues and what they have done before. Take a good look at the size of stick this men are using to hit their fellow human being who they consider a suspect and not are a perpetrator.

I think the act of human rights and how to  arty out their function, and simple training of normacy, wasn’t thought to these men before this. Just take a look at what they are doing to this boy.

Plus one person who was an eye witness was interviewed and he said thay there is an Ex Convict amongst the SARS men who beat up a boy publicly with a fat stick in the market place.

So now a former prisoner can ne released and he gets admitted as a SARS officers of the law,  and then he is beating the hell out of a suspects in the market place ?  A person who hasn’t been confirmed guilty is receiving such a beating? What about the guilty ones? What will they receive then? This is getting scarier by the moment.


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