Election Hate Speech: “Igbo, we no dey trust una again” — Senator Remi Tinubu publicly attacks the Igbos

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In the recent happenings against the igbos in Lagos State concerning the electioneering, many have been faced with unbelievable oppressions from the yoruba touts all over the state.

The Igbos who didn’t care about the happenings of the yorubas and who they want to  be their next governor. They have been going about their businesses which is the business side of things, and they still somehow get attacked by the insecure yorubas.

While the leader of Lagos state have had to deny giving orders to the minions a.k.a touts who have been attacking the business men and women of the state who non coincidentally are from the East.

Now Jagaban who is considered the controller general of Lagos state, has been having some unpleasant talks aboutique the ignore who he assumes do not want to vote for APC candidates. He has been sending out his minions on every level to do his biddings and attack/bully the igbos in ways that they possibly can.

Without any evidence to this talk, the igbos are however considered incitefull and playing the victim card against the host state yorubas, but after a video popped up of Remi Tinibu publicly saying she doesn’t trust the igbos, the IGBOs are however vindicated.

If a woman as significant as Remi is finding it easy to say such a thing, then she must have had an abundant conversation about it in her home and office. Saying it outside of these areas must have been a mistake, since she didn’t realise she has left home side is now in public. Reno OmoKri has this to say.

For me the fact is that you can’t know who an entire tribe or clan will vote for. As man as the igbos are, what makes you think that they all will vote for just one person? This is just the way as real retard jumps into conclusion.

So the fact that you are afraid of the unknown, not sure if it will be to your own favour or not, you decide to prevent them from even voting. The president didn’t do anything about this because he gained from it, since it is his party. They decide to disenfranchise a whole tribe just to be safe? What a mess this country has becomes.

Reposted from @renoomokri – Watch Senator Remi Tinubu day “Igbo, we no dey trust una again”! So the Tinubu clan only trust Igbos if they vote Buhari? Why are we a democracy? Tinubu and his family should just crown Buhari king of Nigeria. Igbos create wealth and value and pay their taxes. But that is not enough. Unless they vote as Tinubu wants, they can’t be trusted! – #obyorijiblog

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