Do we still have the generation of people who can tell time by looking at the sun?


This particular generation of People, are the ones who thrive in contentment by being needed. The need to pass on information while attending to issues is uncontrollable in them, so a day old child is considered old enough to learn.
They didn’t have so much opportunity in their early age, so they believe so much in consistent hardwork and the power of the superior being.
They have a strong work ethics, but they don’t believe in rest, so they work till they drop dead. And for this reason, our generation resent them because they consider us lazy.
Their persistence is solid to non, which is why they are known to be obsessed with fixing things rather than getting rid of them. They have so much life hacks in them because they are very good listeners.
They are authoritative in giving orders because they are sure it will work. It’s almost impossible to hang with them if you love to ball, because they are judgemental.
Sadly, they seem to be the last generation that is known to be “Native Smart” with so much common sense. They have a lot to teach this generation, because they have mastered the act of patience, persistence, tolerance and hoarding(money, food, clothes and property). Therefore if you still have them in your life, learn fast from them before they leave.
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