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Digusting: Door Dash Delivery man caught on camera sipping from a drink he came to deliver.

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Aso seen on  #theshaderoom,

when I say this delivery man was bold, he was BOLD bold! I’m sure many of you are familiar with all kinds of food delivery services that bring whatever your craving at the moment right to your doorstep. However, this delivery definitely left a sour taste in these customer’s mouths.

According to @fox40news, a doorbell camera captured a delivery man from #DoorDash sipping from the milkshake he was sent to deliver! The Malhotras family were having a regular night when #RishabMalhotra, a 14-year-old boy, ordered a milkshake from #ColdStone through delivery service #DoorDash.

The delivery came, but what the delivery man didn’t know was he was being recorded thanks to a camera at the front door. Unfortunately, Rishab didn’t see the footage at the moment and ended up drinking the Oreo milkshake. His dad on the other hand, was looking for something else the following day and stumbled across the shocking—read more at theshaderoom.com (📹: @fox40news) – #obyorijiblog

But on a more realistic note, why don’t they completely seal the drink? What exactly was the Delivery guy looking to achieve by taking that small unsatisfying sip from the cup of a customer?

Was he angry with the customer, or the company? Could he be so hungry that the sip saved his life? These are all the questions that I have for this inappropriate behaviour.

Someone will carry out anow act for a reason, so what is this man’s reason? Could he be looking to spread a certain illness? This is disturbing for me .

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