Southern Nigeria cries out as INEC Omits a chunk of it’s names from PVC Production.

In a time as sensitive as this, the electoral body that is supposed to have the trust of all parts of the country placed in it, is right now beginning to seem like something that no one wants to trust.

The fact that INEC is complaining about the poor collection of PVC around the country, especially in the South, without mentioning it’s own shortcomings, is a bit hypocritical.

This is not a rumour or a her say. This was what  happened  to me Oby Oriji.

Back in August 2018, I had been so busy with the things I love doing in life,  but decided to exercise my civic  right and vote for the candidate of my choiced candidate,  so I first took out time on a Sunday,  to go get registered.

Now, I went to the length of actually getting the number of the INEC raff on Lagos,  so I can find out the closet center to me.

They were very accommodating and helpful,  that I even found a center that Was a stone throw to my house. I eventually entered there (St Peter secondary school) on a Sunday afternoon,  and they attended to Me.

They attended to me in the best way possible,  made a mistake on my name, and surprisingly handled it the best way ever.

I got my temporary card before eleavig that centre, so impressed and hyped that I even started to encourage people to go out and get what their PVC.

Now fast forward to January 2019, 5 months after I did my registration.  I went back on that centre to get my PVC, a month after I was even due to collect it.

Now I’m in the poll center and they were looking  for my permanent voters card like it was a monster seed lost in the desert. In the pile of uncollected PVCs they searched for mine.

They searched places that have already been searched, and I stood there patiently waiting. They were reluctant to say it,  but try eventually gathered enough courage to say that my Card was not part of those produced.

They brought out a note and pen,  for thek to take down my details, only for me to realised that the list had a lot more names others of those  whose cards have not been produced.

They asked for my phone number, saying they will send me a mesage when the card was ready. It’s been two weeks send no mesage has been sent.

It is night time in Nigeria as I type this, and we will be going into 6th  February 2019 tomorrow, meaning that we are left with 10 days to the election.

Why is INEC pretending that it has printed evrdyhigh expected form them, and it is so ready to have the election come on. Why is INEC only talking about cards not collected and never talking about the ones it didn’t even produce?

Dear INEC, what’s good?

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