Nicki Minaj pulls her BET EXPERIENCE performance after BET mocked her while congratulating CardiB on her win.


Reposted from @balleralert – #NickiMinaj pulls her BET EXPERIENCE performance after BET tweets (now deleted) she’s getting ”dragged by her lacefront” after #CardiB’s Grammy win (swipe)

Don’t ever blame and white man when they say “The back man is his own problem”. How can a channel originally started for the black community to get recognised, mock a black girls after a Latina wins?

So as established as BET is, they actually congratulate Cardi B without mvokig or bringing down Nicki?

These stations are constantly trying to pin two heads together to create a beef that will bring them views send ratings.

There is no selfish human, especially not the black man. This is all for show, and the money involved in it.

While Nicki is not  about to stoop as low as BET has disappointedly gone, she has however taken the high way out, by Bowing out of an already prepared performance.

Now they can call on cardib. Come to think of it, the black girls issue among this two rappers, is always confusing. Nicki is not completely black, and so is Cardi. Matter of fact is that Nicki is actually darker than Cardib

But the black community  seems to see Cardi as a Latina,  and Nicki as black.  Don’t ask me why.

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