In COPENHAGEN, help has  come for a child who has had to endure the burden of making a mother happy for years of unpleasantness.

A court in Denmark had on Thursday sentenced a mother for what was described as a crime against a child’s right.

The court sentenced the mother to four years in jail for aggravated abuse,  for having unnecessarily drawn a half-litre (one pint) of blood from her son weekly for five years.

The 36 year old mother who equally is a trained nurse, started drawing her son’s blood when he was only 11 months old, in a manner said to be frequent, like about once a week for the next five years.

The mother said she would not appeal the verdict handed down by the district court in the western town of Herning.

“It’s not a decision that I took consciously. I don’t know when I started doing what I had no right to do. It came gradually. I threw the blood down the toilet and put the syringes in the garbage,” she told the court.

While many thought she was going to say something that would be centered around a medical condition for the child, or for herself, which meant that the need to do the blood draw, was necessary.

But with a response which seemed a little too unbelievable to even be a reason,  the court and all involved, have been disgusted by the development,  and sentenced her to 4 years in jail.

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