Using famous footballers, Nigerians classify the musical talent Wizkid and Davido have.



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A twitter handle that goes by the name @oses2fine has saved every one the battle to come up with the solution through classification based on famous footballers. Wizkid is Lionel Messi while Davido is Ronaldo, it’s as simple as that .

Wizkid is a natural talent while Davido is a kinda guy who always work hard to earn his success. Like Messi,Wizkid always take the lead ,while Davido tries to catch up just like Ronaldo.


Wizkid does his things his way while Davido always try to prove that he can do whatever Wizkid does.

A wizkid and Davido talent ranker on Twitter,  has actually come up with  a solution, after Davido was accused of always trying to do what Wizkid has perfectly done.

Fans have concluded that what Wizkid doesn’t struggle to do due to his talent, Davido fights tooth and nail to achieve them.

While he sold out a famous event center in London, a centre where Wizkid had done same thing sometime last year, Nigerians are now calling him out for what they think is an obvious battle to supersede a marked achievement by wizkid.

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