Nigeria’s International Passport gets completely Transformed with 10 years validity henceforth.


For  those who are not yet aware of the transformation happening in the country, you should know that the Nigerian passport has taken a  new look.

The beauty of our passport has been transformed.  While she is said to have undergone a surgical procedures to look different, owing to the the fact that the previous look had been abused by the bad eggs of the country in diaspora.

The new passport was introduced  by the Minister of interior, and have only two people who have it in their possession so far. Those two people are the President Muhammadu Buhari and his vice Osinbajo.  The two sat down and had their capturing done before they received the passport right there and then.

It is said to last for 10 years from now on, I. e 12 years validity . The passport which used to be produced outside the country for the sake of machinery and authenticity of the document it holds.

The Minister of interior is then again announcing that the passport will in no time be produce in Nigeria,  due to the fact that the passport of a country shouldn’t be produced anywhere else other than the Country of issuance.

The Minister stated that theyou really working to ensure that the  production of the passport will henceforth be done on Nigeria,  to provide work and employment to the already jobless Nigerians who are in need for a livelihood.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the new Nigeria passport for your country. We hope that the bad eggs won’t take this new passport and tArnish  it’s image like they did the other one.

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