Ladies in Chicago scream “Take me Hostage” at An R kelly sold out show.


This is why some people choose to do nothing about some sensitive issue surrounding sex scandals. After the heavily disturbing   documentary by lifetimetv about the R kelly and his sexual  escapades  invllving young teenagers who were involuntarily eclosed to sexual affairs  by our own super star king of R&B RKELLY.

With the world and fellow celebrities stillin awe of the horror the story holds, some colleagues  telling  it like it is, while the world comes to terms with sucher development, R Kelly was unbothered as he made a guest appearance in a club in chicago, due to his new music that was fast selling out due to the development of this story.

A bunch of confused ladies who attended his sold out concert in chicago were said to have actually made it to the show just to suggest to the king of R &B to take them hostage and do whatever it is he did  to his victims on that “Surviving R Kelly “show .

This sickening act from these ladies who went  to these clubs and acted like this, just days after his sexual assault documentary, then we as ladies are suffrering from various problems. The women in the life of the star, came  together to put in a great level of sincerity to the world about the star and his love  for sexual intercourse with girls too young to be his daughter.  Lord have mercy.

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