Florida Man Beaten Up And Arrested After Assaulting Female McDonalds Employee 

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A man received a little more with his food order than expected on New Years Day after a confrontation over a straw in a St. Petersburg, FL #McDonalds restaurant.
#Facebook user, TJ Biandudi, posted the viral video his mother and sister recorded as they witnessed the altercation. According to St. Petersburg Police, the suspect, Daniel Willis Taylor, became upset when he did not receive a straw for his drink. Taylor apparently became so agitated that he grabbed and yanked the restaurant manager, Yasmine James, over the counter separating them.
Unfortunately for him, he caused an issue with the wrong employee. This particular woman had “hands” and proceeded to give Taylor a beat down. In the video, Taylor is seen still holding on to James’ uniform shirt as she punches him repeatedly to get him off of her. Meanwhile, the other employees made little effort to diffuse the altercation or defend their fellow employee.
Taylor can be heard stating, “I want her ass fired right now,” after another employee pulled him away. James replied, “No, you’re finna go to jail! You put your hands on me first!” Then as if the first beating wasn’t enough, Taylor responds back saying, “I couldn’t control you. I was just asking you a question, bitch!” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Taylor was arrested hours later and charged with two counts of simple battery. James was allegedly fired from the McDonalds location of the incident.

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My Opinion..

This is what happenshe when you assume you are stronger than everyone, because your mind tells you so. In what planet is it ok for anyone to drag someone so vigorously by the collar of their shirt because you want to ask them a question?  Now that you got beaten, punched, reported,  arrested and detained, I hope your question got an answer.


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