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from @thesavoyshow – For Years now , #RKelly has hinted out that someone close to him molested him as a child. Well it looks his brother just revealed who that was. Their older sister who was 16 at the time. In a recent interview he reveals that she molested and raped both of them for a span of about 6 years. The first time it happened, the brother was 6 and the older sister was 16. He says their sister was In charge of watching them while there mother had to work. And her sister began to punish them for bizarre reasons. The punishment would be for them to stay in the house with her and not be able to play outside. The brother says she would always only punish 1 of them tho (Meaning The brothers were never all in the house at the same time) He feels she obviously did that strategically. He says he hasn’t spoken with his sister since their mother died a few years back. And he never told his mom about this because he didn’t want her to look at him as if he had done something wrong.

My Opinion

Even if he is making this revelation to save his brother from the deepest part of horror from the world, I still think this site disturbing for a child to pass through.  Many boy don’t see themselves as abused, because very early in life,their misfortune becomes a bragging rite among their peers,  so they just love it afterwards,  rather than deal with the fact that they were seriously moledted a mouse kids. Now look how an unresolved child abuse has given birth to the  disturbing news we are reading from this star. God have mercy. You own sibling?

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