20 years old Yasmin James, the Mccdonald female staff attacked by a man, speaks up.


Earlier this week, a video of a man attacking a #McDonalds employee went viral on social media. Days following the incident, #YasmineJames, the employee attacked in the video has spoken out.

According to @WTSP, Yasmine, 20, said she started working at the McDonald’s in St. Petersburg three months ago. On Monday, a customer was seen on video getting aggressive with her after she informed him that he had to ask for a straw. As seen in the video, the customer, later identified as #DanielTaylor, started to yell at Yasmine and attack her.

Yasmine said, “He grabbed me and that really scared me because I didn’t know if he had a gun or a knife or what. When he grabbed me, my main thing was to get him off of me the best way I knew. Just let me go.” As a teenager, Yasmine learned how to box and she used her skills to fight off the customer as her co-workers stood by. She said that her manager didn’t come to her rescue, but she doesn’t blame him because she claims they’ve never received proper training to deal with outrageous customers. All of which is why she thinks McDonald’s needs to invest in Staff security.

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from @whatsinthenews – Mac Donald’s employee#YasmineJames gave her assailant a run for his money when she was attacked by a customer who has since been apprehended over not getting a straw. She has not been fired from #macdonalds but she is afraid to go back to work. She is suing the company for not protecting her or not knowing what to do after she was attacked. Managers were not sure if they should call 911 or the police. #whatsinthenews


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