Nickelodeon Child Star Nathan Kress and wife Londonelise celebrate their daughter’s first birthday.

@londonelisekress – To our lovely, lively little winter solstice baby, Rosie Carolyn Kress, HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!!!! Man, what a year… I’mma give the short version here (believe it or not): Your first word is seemingly shaping up to be “dee” (tree) as you point toward the trees outside & the Christmas tree, which doesn’t surprise us. You prefer to live outdoors. It always gives you life as SOON as we set foot out the door. It fixes every boo boo, every growth spurt, every upset. Your daddy & I live for the joy & peace that it brings to your face…your connection with nature is your happy place. But the biggest thing that has stood out, is that you have completely lived out your name. You have such a “Rosie” disposition, smiling often, especially at strangers. Your sense of humor can brighten anyone’s day. You also feel things strongly (on both ends of the spectrum), full of wild emotion and passion. Your middle name means “strong” ever since seeing you on the ultrasound monitor at 10 weeks & consistently feeling your enthusiastic summersaults in the womb. It was the first thing we got to know about your personality. The one song we intentionally played for you in the womb was so fittingly “Alive and Kicking” by Simple Minds (slightly swayed by your mother’s fandom). Friends/family/strangers/pediatricians have even called you “strong” & “driven” without having any knowledge of your name. That active strength is so very evident, both physically and characteristically, & has helped ease our hearts & minds knowing that when we send you out into this world, you will face the inevitable trials of life so boldly & courageously. Because that’s already who you are, at one year old. You’re our beautiful little force of nature. Thank you for the most adventurous year of our lives & for growing alongside us, with all the unpredictable moments that did not follow the baby books. Thank you for having such grace & forgiveness with us as we learn. You’re our unique, unorthodox, BEAUTIFUL little baby girl. Our lives have changed because of you—have become RICHER because of you—& we’re SO grateful to God above for your living, breathing, powerfully stunning little soul. We love you so deeply, Ro ❤️

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@nathankress – My darling Rosie,

Even at the very beginning of your life, it was evident that you had qualities that would come to define your personality in such a unique way. You are endlessly curious, an avid explorer, and a voracious inspector. You are constantly absorbing, processing, and hypothesizing. You are always seeking a new adventure. You are always challenging what you thought was possible. You prefer to do things yourself. If possible, you prefer to do two things at once. I don’t think you’ve met a food that you haven’t liked. You are highly driven, and (gulp) strong-willed. You are SO STRONG, and fast as lightning. And yet, you are so gentle and tender. You deeply love nature, fresh air, and all living things. Above all else, being outside is your favorite. There is no crankiness or booboo that playing in some grass can’t fix. Your awe and fascination with God’s creation is inspiring, and I’m so curious to see how that develops as you get older. You are utterly fearless and courageous. Nothing seems to phase you. You are kind, generous, and so incredibly social. Even on your not-so-great days, you brighten the lives of everyone you come across. Your smile is disarming, and contagious. You are absolutely gorgeous, which terrifies me. Good or bad, you feel everything with an alarming intensity. You can be challenging, and you can be confusing, but even in the midst of the chaos of life, you still manage to be the sweetest little hunk of love that anyone could ever imagine. Mommy and Daddy lucked out when God decided that we got to have you in our lives. We have many years ahead of us, but I do wish we could stop right here for a while. You’re getting so big, so fast, and I wish there were more hours in the day to enjoy being with you, and to watch you take in the world around you. As you head into your second year, may you continue to grow in the special qualities that you’ve been given– and as you pass more and more milestones on the way to full-blown childhood, may you never lose that wonder that sparks in your beautiful blue eyes every day. You are loved by so many, and I hope you know that will never change.
Happy First Birthday, my dearest daughter ❤

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