Unexpected Moment Chief gets denied entry into a plane in Enugu

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Chief denied entry into a plane in Enugu
A chief who refused to removed his traditional headgear, was, yesterday, denied entry into a plane at the Enugu airport.

According to an eyewitness, the flight was Lagos-bound. However, the chief’s refusal to remove the headgear made him miss the flight because the staff didn’t give in to his intimidation and threats.

Via: Instablog

My Opinion 

This issue would have been solved in different ways rather than the way it was solved. The management of that airport would have scanned the cap since he is a titled man and isn’t allowed by tradition to let the commoners view his head, which ledoesn’t to his refusal.  But the chief himself would have gone into a private place with a prominent staff  and  open up his cap for them  to know that it is empty and  safe there in.  The ego that didn’t let him consider other options, and the authoritatively hand of the flight management was what led to this unpleasant situation,  and now the chief who needed the flight more that the airline needed to see his head, has missed his flight out of an insignificant act. Let us all try to be accommodating of one another.  It is the same human race  and same Nigeria, so don’t be so mean to your brother.


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