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Blac Chyna Arrives Nigeria, in awe of the legendary Nigerian jollof


In a controversial situation surrounding Blac Chyna and Dencia’s arrival to Lagos Nigeria,  to promote and sell their bleaching cream to Nigerian ladies who would like to go from black to white in days. While those who thought they’re significant to the Nigerian society, are trying to frown at their idea of a bleaching cream selling promo show, many Nigerians are calling out these Nigerian  singers who contrasting themselves, by only having their music videos graced by the light skinned video vixens, while the black girls are tagged “unsuitable” for their video. The are now coming for blac Chyna,threatening her about visiting Nigeria and what not. Saying they don’t want to have to do things to her to stop her from coming to Nigerians to sell  that cream.

Well, Blac Chyna has arrived Nigeria and is enjoying it’s infamous hot jollof rice. While we like that the mother roand of  two is enjoying her jollof rice,  we are more interested in verifying if Burna Boy will have the confidence to carry out his threats, knowing that the same thing could be down to him in the United States. While we are eachothers market, no one should feel like an island. #period. By the way, who is buying that cream?

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