Here are the Reasons why Gabrielle Union declared Regina King her #WCW for today.


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@gabunion – Todays #wcw, @iamreginaking, is a national treasure. She has won and so richly deserves alllllll of the awards and praise for her immense talent. She added director to her resume and she stays booked (I can confirm this cuz I’ve tried to book her countless times). This fun loving, down to earth mother of a great son (heyyyy Ian!) has literally been a lifeline for so many of us. She not only helps to create space for more creatives to shine, but she also will pull you to the side and give career saving advice. I will never forget our trip to Bermuda. Her and I went snorkeling and I got caught in a riptide and called for her to help. She immediately swam out and got me and brought me to shore. Not everyone actually lives what they preach. Regina King is a real queen and she believes and shows us everyday that she is not interested in being on the throne alone. She keeps pulling up seats for us all to wear our own crowns. I love u lady. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there.

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