Amidst Nicki's Truth Telling Album Tour , Cardi B begins ranting about her musical success. | Oby Oriji Blog

Amidst Nicki’s Truth Telling Album Tour , Cardi B begins ranting about her musical success.


“I have earn by place in the heart of fans. And that is something you can’t buy with money ” CardiB rants amidst the true telling interview tour that Nickiminaj has surprisingly been going to. The two ladies for some reason are in a fuse that many believe was created by their fans. While Nicki is tired of playing the big person and keeping quite in the past, she is no longer with that life as she is now telling everything like it is and with a little pinch of exaggeration. Her Ex and her problems were not left behind as she calls out everyone including VH1 that handles most black reality TV shows. Cardi who for some reason sees the need to brag at this time about her music going GOLD and Platinum, is now being called “Insecure” by her fans and fans of Nicki’s.

“Let me te you something,  when I first signed to Atlantic,  I was convinced just as going to blow up quickly. I put out lock and I didn’t get the result I wanted. I will send doing to Atlantic with a tantrum like why my song not getting airplay? Why my record not doing good? But they couldn’t help but tell me that if the song not it, it ain’t it. I want as discouraged as fuck. Thank God for bodak yellow because it had people and even the label believe in me. You cannot buy the general  public.  No money no machine can buy that. Having stadiums (stadia ) sing out your shit,  you can’t buy that. Having artist listening to your music and supporting, you can get buy that. Being number 1 you can’t buy that. Buy that if it was the easy,buy everybody on the label one. That’s  a fucking fact. I am sick and tired of people trying to discredit me, or make me feel like i did  not earn my FUCK. ”

Meanwhile after fans called herror out for her so called “not referring to anyone” speech, she quickly deleyed the post, even heightening the accusation.  It was unnecessary for Cardi to say those things, but the whole issue started when her song “I like it ” when back on number 1.



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