Sex-for-mark scandal: OAU lecturer’s church members think he was set up by student.


Following the leak of a  phone conversation between a final year student who failed her paper (33%), which was taught by a lecturer who wanted  to have sex with her 5 times, before he could do something about it, the school and the entire Country, are waiting on the school to react to the disgraceful development. But a press conference earlier slated to hold was cancelled by the school on Tuesday. According to Premium times Nigeria, The Vice Chancellor, Eyitope Ogunbodede, reportedly called the spokesperson of the school, Abiodun Olanrewaju, to cancel the conference and, instead, inform the press that the management would release a statement before the end of Tuesday, which never came, even at the end of  Wednesday.

A spokesperson of the school had told PREMIUM TIMES the institution was investigating the matter.

However, several members and a reverend of the Anglican Diocese of Ife, Osun State, told PREMIUM TIMES Tuesday they had listened to the audio and could confirm it was Mr Akindele who was heard demanding sex to pass a female student in the recording.

Mr Akindele, a Professor of Management and Accounting, is also a minister in the church. Several students of the Nymphomaniac Lecture’s department, also confirmed to Premium times that the male voice was that of Mr Akindele, just invade he trues to say that it wasn’t his voice. The lady in question is said to be a final year student, who had failed his course and wanted him to help her out. But when she couldn’t get him to think straight without requesting for a five times champion sex rounds, she decided to expose him and all he stood for. The lecturer is said to be avoiding the press men and women, and laying low for the school to investigate the case. He is yet to public defend, apologise, or arrogantly declare himself a nympho. Correspondent of PTN, were said to have visited his church on Tuesday to speak to members concerning the Prof, but one of the anonymous members clearly stated that “There is no need for any computer to test the voice. The voice in the leaked audio is exactly that of Reverend Richard Akindele. However, the man is too gentle for such act. The lady purposely set him up.”

Another member, also seeking anonymity disclosed  that co-worshippers visited Mr Akindele’s residence Tuesday morning but met only his wife, who reportedly blamed the devil for her “husband’s trouble”

The source, a woman, said: “When we heard the news, some of us were surprised. We were at his house very early this (Tuesday) morning but only met his wife who said the devil is at work to soil the name of her husband”

A cleric in the church who simply identified himself as Reverend Adeola said: “Although, the voice I heard is that of Reverend Akindele, I doubt he can do that. I’m not in best position to speak. But what I can say for free is that I know him to be a man of God, generous and easy going.”

Talk about Nigerians  being use to covering up evil in the Country. They have confirmed that it is indeed that professor and reverend that was heard bargaining sex, but they think he is too gentle for the act? What the hell? He is a human being, a man, and a vindictive lecturer. They will cover up the truth until their young daughters become victims, then the story will change form.

Boot licking in every strata of The society. This could simply mean that the birds of a feather, are desperately covering up for their member. I hope the school takes the matter seriously. 

My Opinion:.

The lecturer was willing to have sex with the female student give times, to change her mark 33% to an 40%. So what if the student wants an ‘A’ 75, how many rounds of sexual intercourse do you think this lecturer will demand? Well, from my knowledge of mathematics, I will try to solve that .

Changing F(33%) – E(40%) = 5 rounds of sex.

40marks  – 33 marks = 7 marks

Therefore 5 rounds = 7 marks

How many rounds will be required to take 33marks – 75 marks

75marks -33 marks = 42 marks

If 7 marks = 5 rounds

42 marks= ? 

42 * 5 = 210

210/7 = 30rounds.

So to change 33% – 75% you require 30 rounds of sex. LMOA

But in all seriousness,  I think if the young lady passed her paper in the first place, she wouldn’t be in this situation. But then again, what if the lecturer intentionally fails the girls he wants to have sex with? This is just a messed up situation, and I have to end it here.

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