OAU Unveils Identity Of Student behind Sex-For-Marks Scandal

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According to the eagle online, the management and  staff of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile ife, havd reacted to the sex for  mark scandal involving one of its Professors.

Part of the revelation was that of the report of the report from the committee set up to investigate the allegation of sexual harassment revealed in an audio recording.

The authorities of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State said Monica Osagie was the student involved in a sex-for-marks scandal that has sorely questioned the morality of university dons in the training of young Nigerian students.
Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede, the Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, disclosed this on Thursday at a news briefing.
He said Osagie was studying for a Masters in Business Administration.
He also announced the suspension of Prof. Richard Akindele, the don involved in the salacious scandal.
Ogunbodede’s action followed the submission of the interim report of the committee set up to investigate the allegation of sexual harassment revealed in an audio recording.
The News Agency of Nigeria reports that a recorded audio conversation of the don  demanding for sex to increase the marks of a female undergraduate had gone viral.
The VC said: “The committee observed that a prima facie case of inappropriate relationship with the female student had been established against Prof. Richard I. Akindele.”
The Vice Chancellor said that though the investigative committee invited both Akindele and Osagie, only Akindele appeared before the committee.
He said: “The report indicated that many other witnesses appeared before the committee and gave useful evidence.
“The university is making efforts to ensure that Miss Osagie appears before the investigative committee so that it can hear her side of the case and promptly submit its final report.”
Explaining why the lecturer was yet to be sacked, the Vice Chancellor said the provisions of the relevant statute of the university must be followed.
Ogunbodede said: “Under the provisions of the relevant statute of the university, an academic staff can only be dismissed from service or have his or her appointment terminated only when the matter on which consideration is being given has been investigated by a Joint Council and Senate Committee;
“Also the staff has appeared before the committee with his or her counsel, if so desired.
“This procedure is the minimum requirement of the law and regulations of the university.
“It should therefore be noted that the suspension of Prof. Richard I. Akindele is on the basis of the findings of the Investigative Committee that he is prima facie liable.
“This decision will abide, pending the final determination of the case by the council of the University.”
Ogunbodede said the university would continue to do everything legally and morally acceptable in pursuance of its avowed commitment to zero tolerance for sexual harassment, intimidation and or coercion.
Source: The eagle online
       My opinion: 
I must commend their level of investigstion that has brought about the name of the student, and the lecturer invalved.  Very nice reaction.  These lecturers have you start being called to book for the appropriate reasons.  The authority should always surpass the individual  interests.
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